The first workshop was attended by 48 participants including CTCP’s staff, and the second one counted with 50 people. Both multiplier events gathered a wide range of participants, namely representatives of many entities capable to put the results in the mainstream, end-users, footwear companies and other stakeholders from the entrepreneurial context, education and training system, including trainers and consultants.

Both multiplier events had a similar agenda, based on the presentation of the project and its results and an “on-line visit” to the e-course. In each multiplier event, a different training unit has been developed. In the first one, the training unit Footwear Product and Productivity was deeply explored. The second multiplier event was dedicated to Product Engineering and Prototyping.

After closure, the participants had the opportunity to do networking and engage in a hands-on experience on the e-platform which was supported by the project team.

Some dissemination material was handled during the events as well as direct support to participants’ doubts.

A certificate was issued to all who attended the multiplier events.



Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union