We provide here a single access point to all the resources for learners and educators, available through the Shoes Made in EU project.

The present space is maintained by the members of the Shoes Made in EU partnership and is frequently being updated based on new experiences shared with the partners by educators and organisations piloting the course and implementing Shoes Made in EU workshops.

All the resources referenced below are available online under a dedicated subdomain of Shoes Made in EU.

1. Comprehensive report

Overview of the sector main characteristics and future development in terms of economic trends and training profile
Relevant findings in Italy, Portugal, Germany and Poland

2. Methodological framework

The aim of this document is to present the methodological framework to be used in the SHOES MADE IN EU project, for the development of the I.O.1 “The European Shoemaker training course. New Profile, curriculum
and relevant training content.”

3. Profile description

In this document a description of the new occupation profile for the footwear manufacturing technician EQF level 4 is given, according to the contributes of all partners, articulated with the profiles in place in their correspondent countries, to know:
  • Portugal-Footwear Manufacturing Operator–Level 2 EQF
  • Germany-Industrial Shoe Maker and Finisher–Level 4 EQF
  • Poland–Footwear Shoemaker–Level 2

6. Guidelines for trainers in Work Based Learning

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide a tool for trainers responsible for delivering the training contents elaborated under the “Shoe Made in EU” project to streamline students’ apprenticeships and thus enable students to train at the highest level.


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