The European footwear industry produces high-quality shoes and enjoys an excellent reputation on a global scale. Most companies serve the premium product segment and use cutting edge technology. They require increasingly versatile and quality-conscious workforce.

However, most companies have problems in finding new recruits and are concerned about skill shortage.

Future job openings will mainly require medium and high level qualifications, reflecting that the sector in the EU generally is moving towards high-value design and state-of-the-art production techniques.


The primary objectives of SHOES MADE IN EU are to foster Vocational Education and Training in the footwear sector and to create a training pathway for qualified skilled workers in footwear production that complies with the EU Quality Framework and European Credit VET system (ECVET).

The project aims are to:

  • strengthen the quality of vocational training in the footwear sector in order to reinforce the competitive edge of European footwear manufacturers;
  • improve and promote vocational and educational training in the footwear sector in Poland and other European countries;
  • create a harmonized EU industrial shoemaker training programme to facilitate mobility of workers between European countries;
  • Match young industrial shoemakers’ skills with labour market needs.


SHOES MADE IN EU addresses:

  • students willing to acquire footwear manufacturing skills and to enroll in a professional career in the footwear sector;
  • companies willing to upgrade their employees’ manufacturing competences;
  • VET schools/institutes willing to prepare newcomers for a career in the footwear industry;
  • Footwear workers willing to upgrade their skills on footwear manufacturing, namely in the fields of product engineering, production processes and quality control.


Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union